Nancy Randall Burger Glass Artist Art Alchemy Courtenay BC


Working with glass fires my imagination. I love the textured, smoothly rippled, glinting colour of glass.  The way the light shines through glass on glass, and yet appears so distinctly different at night, when the light glances off the newly discovered surface. Glass is a rich medium, comprised of so many styles, colours, textures, surfaces, treatments- there is always a new piece of glass to explore.

My style of glass on clear glass mosaics demands very detailed composition, painstaking painting with glass, and messy use of clear fixatives to form the finished piece. I like handling the glass, sorting for colour, cutting and shaping glass to make an often abstract design. The finished compositions frequently hint at natural settings of mountains, trees, or the shimmer of water. Sometimes they are playful celebrations of the sheer delight of colour!

When I begin a piece of work it is often sparked by a colour or shape, and the entire piece flashes into my mind’s eye. Of course, the tricky bit is to bring that inner vision into reality- such fun to follow the initial inspiration! I do deliberately leave cracks between pieces of glass. Leonard Cohen expressed it most clearly:”There are cracks in everything, that’s how the light gets in”.

I started my first glass workshop in 2007, and have been working in studios in Alberta and British Columbia, with some time away during moves and life changes.

I am inspired by Mary Filer, a painter and glass artist who has created many incredible glass sculptures. I also find Jan Lindstrom’s work and classes to be incredible inspiring. And Nancy Morrison’s work and studio embrace the mountains and ocean of Vancouver Island in a thrilling mastery of light and colour. Special thank you to Nancy Morrison for sharing her glass cuttings with me.

Glass provides so many opportunities for me to learn and grow. I enjoy sharing my excitement  and vision with people who visit Art Alchemy!

Nancy Randall Burger


“What we have called matter is energy(light), whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter.”    Albert Einstein