Bill Kerr Art Alchemy artist from Courtenay BC


Driven to make art I will paint anything, anywhere, witness lane above. Plein air in summer and studio in winter gives me plenty of scope. I am finding the Coast, while stunningly beautiful, is  a bit long on trees and rocks so I am heading in other directions. Painting small creatures and active birds, urban scenes and activities urban people has a lot of appeal.  Marine and travel scenes that pique the viewers memories or tell stories are a treat. The intrigue of nocturnes and rain laden views works too. My urban and marine works are in homes across the continent, whereas BC and Alberta landscapes reside in BC and Prairie homes.

I have painted for almost 40 years. For 20 years or so I was a water colourist then acrylic caught me up as I could work bigger and bolder and they sold. Egg tempera and oils followed simply because they feel so good on the brush. Having been a bit of an art course and workshop junkie I realized I should simply paint more to continue to grow. That’s why I am an “alchemist”